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Hi. I’m a Sixthgun, a very Proud SixthGun.

I’m not from Japan, I’m not from Asia. I’m not a very nice girl; I’m not a very cool girl. I’m just me, the person I want to be. This is a message, from me to all Sixth Guns. We are the best thing that could have ever happened to them, those silly and beautiful kids. We are the ones that let their dream come true.

They owe us all as we owe them all, their music for me is all I’ve got, my mother don’t like it, my father had said that its just noise. My friends asked me while do I listen to them, If I don’t understand them. This is my answer to all those things. I do. I do understand them, maybe not by the language, and maybe not by the “noises”, but by the way they play it, by the way they show it.

Hi. I’m a Sixthgun, a very Proud SixthGun. And this is my message to all the sixthguns, let’s love their music. FOREVER.

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Ruki: rehearsed for LOUD PARK and the tour, now going to Saitama.

Ruki: and I lost my phone so I bought a new one.

Ruki: no, it’s the 6plus.

Ruki: the 6plus is easier to hold than the 6.